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How sad that animals are brought, sold or given away via social network sites and classified advertising sites such as Prelove and gumtree.  Are they now just disposable commodities? Do their owners not care what will happen to them?

Every week we get calls from people that had got a dog a week or so earlier which they had seen advertised cheap or “free to good home” (though what ‘good’ represents is anyone’s guess) Many get these animals on impulse without properly considering their circumstances such as ongoing cost, training and time required and whether it is the right animal to suit their current situation.

If your pet has no value to you as you offer it ‘free’ or ‘cheap’, there is a good chance that it will have little to no value to the person who takes it from you.

We had a Giant Schnauzer puppy sold cheaply, due to change of circumstance, in the North of England to a lovely couple that were to give her such a ‘good’ home. However, they very quickly sold her at a profit to someone from this area who’s cheque bounced and two weeks later that  person then handed the dog in as a stray.  The people that had hoped to make a profit caused us a lot of aggravation, trying to stop us from spaying the dog that they wanted returned to the north, though they didn’t want to keep her for themselves.  We put the dogs welfare first and after weeks of getting nowhere we chose to ignore their threats and we spayed and rehomed her.

There is also a problem with dogs being used as ‘bait dogs’ in fighting rings, as in the case of the poor Golden Retriever found ripped to death with it’s mouth taped up - the previous owner again thinking she had found the dog a good home.  Cats have also been found ripped to shreds after being used as a lure for training coursing dogs etc.

Others are used for breeding and then passed on (or worse) when they are no longer of any use.  

Some of these advertised animals will be lucky enough to find true ‘good’ homes and forever homes where they are loved, but what a huge gamble to take with their lives.

The dogs pictured are from one such case, all from the same person who’s flat was being fumigated the next day after finally being evicted by the landlord.  There should have been ten dogs, three adults and seven older puppies.  We had been informed that they looked ‘Labrador-ish’ and assumed they would all be related and probably black Staffy crosses – We were wrong!

They ranged from GSD to terrier and had been gathered from different ‘free to good home’ adverts.  However, only six dogs were brought into F.A.I.T.H. and when asked about the other pups we were told that one had been sold, one died and two had been put down.  It was hard to get any rational explanation but it was possibly due to the ‘Canine Parvovirus’.  Sadly the veterinary practice involved refused to help us with any information.  Our own vets tried but to no avail, so they helped us with all the precautions necessary to keep our dogs safe and still offer sanctuary to these six dogs.

I am pleased to say they were well throughout their quarantine and have now been rehomed.  Please make people aware of the ills of these adverts and   remind them to be very careful about who they give their pet to.  

There are concerned animal lovers fighting to put a stop to the advertising of animals on these sites, we wish them every success.

I can not tell you how sad, frustrating and annoying it was to read about another child killed by a dog and again it was indirectly the fault of the local council. You will know from our website and past newsletters that we were to work with Norwich City Council on a programme of neutering, and breeding control of dogs from social housing. We had a sensible solution to sort at source and greatly alleviate the problem of over - breeding Staffy and Mastiff types. A problem that stems from their properties. Working with NCC our 'Taking the Lead' strategy was a flagship idea that - it was hoped the rest of the country would follow. The NCC did not want to be another 'Dog Death Row Council as are so many, and were originally very enthusiastic about working with F.A.I.T.H. However it seems that not wanting the extra work of enforcing good tenancy in their properties, they past Dog Control onto a contractor where their strays are held at a Boarding Kennels for the required time, after which they  relinquish all responsibility. As was the case of the latest attack, Council strays homed from Boarding Kennels.  

We will take our campaign to Government, even though sadly they only seem to listen to the bigger organisations and these, like government, seem incapable of doing anything logical or sensible. Battersea Dogs Home's answer to the 'too many Staffy type' is to be politically correct and knit a Staffy looking dog and promote them. Great! So now even more people will breed them because they are 'so soft and lovely', not the best thing to promote around Battersea and other highly populated areas. Yes, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are nice if bred by a reputable breeder, Mastiffs were always great dogs too. Now idiots are breeding them too boost their income. No research, just putting two dogs together and 'hey presto'...Money!

What a waste of resources the Metropolitan Status Dog Unit and the like are, when they could do as I did and Google these breeds for sale. It took just minutes to find many adverts selling fighting types, in fact the first link I clicked onto took me straight to a big powerful dog being held by a young lad on a council estate. We need to stop these thugs and stop allowing dogs (and cats for that matter) from being bred in social housing. Housing Associations and    Councils are failing to look after and enforce good tenancy in their properties.

They should care about 'All' their tenants. As has been said before, in the majority of social housing, unlike many private rentals, there is a not a ‘No pets’ policy. Therefore a 'No breeding of pets' rule does not breach anyone's rights, since they already have a privilege often excluded to tenants that have to rent from the private sector.  It is so unfair that many of these councils then became anti – dog when it comes to their parks and open spaces, treating every dog owner as though they have a lethal weapon.

 Here are a few of the adverts I found from just one site, 10th November 2013, these are not normal dog owners - they are not even normal people and they are NOT selling pet dogs.

Fantastic litter of Presa Canario pups are now here both parents are working dogs. Excellent drive and the pups are showing very good signs to..  big chunky and unique pups.. as pets or working dogs. £300

Named Kane. Will be 2 years old.. He is a very muscular dog. Very good guard dog. He's got Lovely markings. £500 no offers

Amazing pups available. Stocky, healthy, easy maintenance Bully Guard dogs. These dogs will be medium to large size, strong like ox's £400/£500 depending on pup

Tyson is 12months, Pakistani Champ Bully Kutta an lovely an friendly at the same time very alert and protective.. excellent guard dog with a very good height and weight for his age. He is very strong and has a lot of power. £1200 Ono

Our boy '' Jack The Ripper '' has finally produced his first litter. Pups have potential to become outstanding companions to either pet homes or security purposes. £300

Status Dogs Again